Stop this DeLorean!

Captura de Tela 2015-10-19 às 18.27.20

Dear Marty,

Hope this one still reaches you before your ETA on October, 21st, 2015. Hope you still have time enough to grab the flux capacitor and change the course of your DeLorean. Please try it, immediately. You can not come. The reason being that we, humans from 2015,  would deceive you to the highest level possible. And I am afraid that after seeing what we’ve done with the world, well, when you return to the past, the impact of what you’ve seen here might cause severe and permanent damage to the course of things. I think you might want to use your influence and try to change some events which implies that this world I’m living in, becomes just an alternative future, that in fact will never happen.

If you arrive in 2015 you would most probably realize that all the efforts from your time were in vain. I’m afraid you’d be so disappointed that you’d stop fighting some battles.
You would see that maybe it does not make sense to fight against oil leakage and other environmental accidents, as you’d realize we keep doing the very same crap. You’d might come to a conclusion that supporting Gorbachev and to end the Cold War might be a mistake after you’d realize what is happening in Ukraine and in other corners of the Eastern.
You probably would think that bringing the Berlin wall down, would be useless, as we now are again building walls in Europe and in the Middle East (well, we have a wall also between USA and Mexico).

You would also conclude that it does not make sense to initiate a Desert Storm. No, it is not just a massive sand twister. Well, this might be a good thing as well, who knows?

You would pounder about whether it makes sense to continue with the construction of the Eurotunnel, since people that wants to use it simply can not.
There are some things, however, that might be go if you can indeed influence them, not to happen. So, if this one reaches you, please hand it over to authorities and ask them please to pay the closest attention to this exact addresses:
– 6201 South Pierce Street, Columbine, Colorado
And, if you can, stop thinking about flying skateboards, and throw that soccer almanac away. Pay attention to a certain web. Not from any spiders.
Good luck and send my regards to Mr. Klein.

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