When the Winds of Change hits the Wall

Captura de Tela 2015-02-06 às 12.05.58

The world might be closing in and we are more and more like brothers, but not every wall is broken down so easily and under festive handshaking and hugs among everybody, like the famous song celebrates. In many cases, such as the creation of a JV or in a M&A, resistance is not to be underestimated.

In every organization, when the winds of changes blows there is much more than just the magic of the moment that plays a significant role. Normally there is also a bitter taste for many of the involved, specially from the side of the ones acquired or with a minority share in the JV. The ability to identify, engage and respect these ones is the key that ultimately will define that the change agents will win or not, and if they win, whether it is going to be a pyrrhic victory or not.

When the winds of change blows straight into the face of time and in the faces of the ones reluctant to change, they tend to act as if they were the Night’s Watch guarding the Wall. They really feel it like a storm wind, like if the coldest winter of them all would be coming (and it is coming!). Peace of mind, and organizational order will only be reached if you conquer them. They can never be defeated.

The Night’s watch normally takes nothing easy. Nothing shall pass. They defend bravely their positions, they have a history, and they feel belonging to something bigger. They do not want to take any crowns or glory. But they see themselves as shields guarding something real big. You cannot just come and blow everything into the air. They will need to believe in you. You have to make them see that the change is best for them and for the children of tomorrow.

No change agent wants to reign over a devastated land, a land depressed under a permafrost of ice and snow, like Pyrrhus had to. This is no victory, this is no change. It is only destruction. A true change agent wants to hear the balalaika.


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