Stieg meets James

Book and Coffee
Image by Wahlander via Flickr


From the series: “impossible encounters”

Hi Stieg, how is it going?

Not bad. It is not so sad here as I’ve thought it would…look at you, James, you’re great!

Yeah…that’s what you get when you die young…do you know the news?

Nope. Which?

They are saying you had 320 pages of the fourth book…

True. Action started in Canada, far to the north, beyond the article circle

Wow, freezing, I suppose. Colder than Sweden, isn’t it?

Right, but with warmer hearts maybe….

Speaking on heat…they’ve called this summer “Stieg’s summer”

Hummm, “a lis-summer night’s dream” would’ve been more appropriate

That’s a good one. Hey, she’s top, dude. A “rebel with a cause” of the new century…if I would still be there, I would be her fan.

I agree.

By the way, I would be willing to do Blomkvist, if I would be there…

Jesus, man, you would be 70 years-old!

Well, but have you seen Clint? I wouldn’t be so bad at all, I guess!

Might be, but another James took it already. Bond, James Bond.

Uch, man, how come they gave that role to him?

Yeah yeah…I know…business.

And Lis? Have they chosen already?


Noomi was great, who’s the new one?

do not know, man. never saw her.

anyway, it’s gonna be hard for anyone to even come close to Noomi’s performance.

I agree.

Do you know you’re the first guy ever to sell more than 1 million books via Kindle?

Cool. Not to mention the hacked ones…..


A brit just wrote that one out of each 10 brits have read you.

I must be just behind Dickens and Austen, then…if you take her zombies books also into account..

You are so sarcastic, dude.

I was Swedish. Sarcastic to the soul I remain.

For Xmas there will be a box set with all three hard covers and additional essays about you…all for 99 bucks.

Cool, they should also release a box set of DVD´s later on.

Course they will!

Also heard that in Brazil Millennium two and three will go straight to DVD´s, cause the first film was far from being a success.

It’s a weird country, Brazil….

Yeah, you’re right….do you remember that girl…..


No, Jesus, I am not so old!

Who, then?


Ah! I know who you’re talking about…

Yeah, the tropics, heat, beaches, joy…

Sad tropics also.

True. Poverty, corruption, criminality….

I wonder if Lis was there….

Hummm…she was in the Caribbean already…so could perfectly go a little more down to the south…


I see.

I should’ve worked on a piece for her down there…

What for?

Don’t know exactly, but I’ve raised many question to Sweden in my books. I think Brazil needs the very same. With so weak Institutions, there will be no bright future.

Man, this is too vague for me…

Nevermind, it was just a thought. Can’t do it anymore. Time for others to show up.


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