How to take care of a dragon

Nightmare on Elm Street panel - Rooney Mara an...
Image by via Flickr

Dear soon-to-be Lisbeth,

Now that David  gave that very singular opportunity to you, it is time to evaluate what it means. Don’t take it as a task, take it as a gift. You are about to live something unprecedented, it is not just somebody else, a simple character, it’s more, it represents a generation.  It will glue on you, for life. Please look at what Noomi did. She mastered the entire thing.

As Lisbeth, take good care, do not get snobby, have principles.  You have such an attitude, but also a good heart. Stay alert, as almost  everybody is against you. Do not hesitate to get help in the underworld. Down there they will listen to you, they’ll understand your needs, as they also suffer from being isolated, from being considered garbage in this post-modern society. Some also from the surface will genuinely try to help you. We sometimes do not recognize what moves them, maybe it is pity, maybe it is just true frienship, but could also be something else. Identify them. Be tuff, but treat them well, as in the minute they start helping you, they will face troubles as well. Use your strange abilities and habits not because your are a crazy freak,  but to mitigate the risks you will enter. Your manners are weird, but they are your defense strategies. And remember, at close range, everybody is nuts. Not just you.


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