Why Inception fails to be “the” movie

A lot of critics gives 5 stars to the latest Nolan’s motion picture. I do not. Here I explain why.

1. because Ellen Page is not convincing as the super-architect. She does not delivers with self-confidence and the necessary attitude as Ariadne (name is too obvious by the way, the one who helped Theseus in the minotaur’s maze). Besides this, she has to serve as Cobb’s therapist, being the only one who figures out his problems, in a team of experts. Too much for her, with her kid face. Good to know she’s not going to be Salander in David Fincher’s remake of Millennium.

little convincent this little one

2. because Nolan has chosen a song from Edith Piaf to serve as the “kick” to wake up the heroes, and this particular song (“Non, je ne regrette rien”) talks about a person that does not regret anything he/she has done in the past, precisely the opposite of Cobb, who is Guilty in person (himself saying that). And also an unpleasant coincidence, as Marion Cotilliard did Piaf’s role, for which she won an Oscar.

Non, je ne regrette rien...

3. because spectacular scenery is not enough. There is a lack of credibility in the story, yet very well orchestrated. I found at least two weaknesses:

a) our heroes are conscious that they are dreaming, but they suffer to beat the bad guys (the projections), ’cause they use little pistols instead of machine guns or whatever it takes to have more fire power. What, in a specific moment, they use, very incoherent. Either or: either you are conscious and you influence your dream, or you are unconscious and you can not influence.

b) Cobb’s return, close to the end is totally unclear, as he have lost the “kick”. Here, to counterbalance, we are left with the hypothesis that everything is just a dream….ok and?

Caiu ou não caiu?

But all in all, Inception is a great movie, one of the bests this year so far.

That’s it. Or not.


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