How fast they are, these post-modern times?

I recently heard that joke that’s all about the speed of live nowadays. “The NY-minute”: the elapsed time that a person in a car behind you in any traffic light needs to press the horn, just after the light turns green. Well, funny, no doubt, but… in a brazilian large metropolis these days, the minute I’ve heard it I immediately thought about how it is here in one of the craziest nodes of the south hemisphere: Let me put it that way: “the brazilian minute” is a faster one. Here if you are in a traffic light, what you do is that you anticipate when the lights will turn green, so that you have already left when it really turns green, not loosing a millionth of a second and leaving the person behind with no time to press the horn.

So, the NY minute is not that fast, indeed. And speed is relative.

That’s it.


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